Blue Rodeo - Diamond Mine tab

Diamond Mine is one my favourite Blue Rodeo songs ever, enjoy!

                   DIAMOND MINE - BLUE RODEO

Em:022000 Am:x02210 Bm:xx4432 C:x32010 A:x02220 Asus4:x02230 Asus2:x02200
D:x00232 G:320003 or 320033 Dsus4:x00233
Our love shines
Like a diamond mine
(organ, then bass follows with this;)
Em You say the party's over But like a drunken fool I never know when to leave Am It's just that in the eyes of this beholder Em You mean everything to me Em
EmYou say you don't love meYou talk about the other boysAnd you laugh in my faceAmBut I know when you're feeling sad and lonelyEmNo other boy can take my placeC Bm A Asus4 A Asus2 ACause when I look into your eyes Em A COur love shines (fill 1:)E:----------------|B:----------------|G:----------------|D:----------------|A:---3--2--0------|E:------------0---| Em A C BmOur love shines EmLike a diamond mine
G Em Nothing's as obvious as what is lost G A Nothing's as painful as the cost Em C D Dsus4 D So let it shine Em C D Dsus4 D Let it shine Em Like a diamond mine (Lengthy organ solo with the Em bass riff) Em And I hear all these rumours about you Yea the trash lines up at my door just to bring me the news Am But all it does is make me kind of wonder Em Why are people so eager to be so cruel C Bm A Asus4 A Asus2 A Cause when I look into your eyes Em A C (fill) Our love shines Em A C (fill) Our love shines Em A C Bm Our love shines Em A C D Like a diamond mine Em A C D Like a diamond mine Em A C D to end;mess around with similar licks to those after the first verse; end on Em crescendo
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