Blue Sky – Train To Nowhere chords

words and music by Michael Seibt

C C E E7Sitting in the train to nowhere, I am staring into the world outside
C C E E7Green fields as far as the eye can reach, the sky above is opened wide
F F Fm E EA suitcase with my broken dreams is lying in the rack
C E E7 Am AmPacked up memories, no reason to look back
F G C C/H AmI see her face in the mirror, but I cannot see her eyes
F G C C/H AmI hear her voice in the sky, but I only hear her lies
F G C C/H CI see her face reflecting in the water disturbed by the tears I am crying
No one cares, the train rides on, mile by mile away from home The passengers are prisoners traveling like some rolling stones Sitting here in the compartment, close-lipped with blind eyes Trapped in the rules of our own device. Refrain ... When our train passes dirty suburbs, linen is drying in the sooty wind Some kids are playing in the back-yard, a scene just like an old blue-print I tear her mendacious letter, the scraps of paper fly away carrying the first true words she said Refrain ...
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