Blue Stahli – Bandito tab

Hi, this is bandito by Blue Stahli and remorse code (former blue stahli so its really 
the same people). These are the tabs played during most of the song, apart from the solo.

Tabbed by: Yoyoloto ( Youssef O.)

Tuning: standard

Riff 1 :e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------|D|-9999-10-----------|A|-9999-10-----------|E|-7777-8---8-7-6----|
Played 4 times first and on the 4th do this instead:
Riff 2:e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------|D|-9999-10-----------|A|-9999-10-----------|E|-7777-8---8-7-6----|
Played 4 times first and on the 4th do this instead:
The 2 riffs are very much alike, exept for the 4th time they're played Now when the clapping and drums start (after playing both riffs) you replay the first riff, and then play this last riff: (Let's call this last riff, riff 3) Riff 3:
Played 4 times first and on the 4th do this instead:
then comes the solo If you are confused, here's the order in which they are played: Riff 1 - Riff 2 - Riff 1 - Riff 3 and you repeat this pattern twice in the song, listen to it to find out when. It's not a hard song at all, so have fun :)
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