Blues Brothers - Rawhide tab version 1

"Rawhide" - Blues Bros

Tabbed by Dan Ferris (

Got this straight off the Blue Bros Soundtrack.
Chords shapes are at the end. The solo is a bit rough but in the ballpark.

Am			Am
Rollin' rollin' rollin'.......
Am			Am
rollin' rollin' rollin'.......

[Riff, ^= microbend]e------------------------------|B---------------5-5-5^-5-------|G---2-2-2^-2-------------------|D------------------------------|A------------------------------|E------------------------------|
Am C Rollin' rollin' rollin' ... E E7 Keep them dawgies rollin' rawhide Am F Rain and wind and weather .... G E Wishin' my gal was by my side. Am F All the things I'm missin', .... G Am Are waiting at the end of my ride. Am Am Move em on (hit em up) Hit em up (move em on).... Am E Move em on (hit em up) rawhide E E Cut em out (ride em in) Ride em in (cut em out) Am (cut em out) Ride em in Rawhide [Key change: Change chord from Am to Bbm] Bbm C# Keep movin' movin' movin'..... F F7 Keep them dawgies movin'..... Bbm Gb Don't try to understand em..... Ab F Soon we'll be living high and wide. Bbm Gb My heart's calculating, my..... Ab Bbm Be waiting at the end of my ride. Bbm Bbm Move em on (hit em up) Hit em up (move em on).... F Move em on (hit em up) rawhide F F Cut em out (ride em in) Ride em in (cut em out) Bbm (cut em out) Ride em in Rawhide [Solo:] Legend: h = hammer on v = vibrato > = slide up string to next note ^ = microbend (approximately 1/4 tone)
Theme from the TV show Rawhide... ************************************************ Chords used: First verse Am: xx2210 C: x32010 E: 022100 F: 133211 G: 355433 E7: 020100 Second verse Bbm: x13321 C#: 143121 F: 133211 Gb: 244322 Ab: 466544 F7: 131211 ************************************************
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