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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:48:19 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: ./b/blues_magoos/summer_is_the_man.crd

                          "Summer Is The Man"
                          (Gilbert - Esposito)

Intro: (instrumental over verse 1 chords)

Verse 1:

	     E        B7
	The eyes of a man
	         C#7          B7
	That can see what you can
	         E            B7
	Are the eyes that can see
	       E7          A
	Far beyond you and me
	          Am             E
	So we'll wait and we'll wait
	         Fmaj7#11 [133200] E
	Until we          are like he

Refrain 1:

	    E                    G#m
	He sees the beauty in a flower
	     D#7             G#m
	That you or I'd pass by
	 A               F#m
	Tormented is his mind
	 B                    C#m/E   B7
	But we've ignored the cries

Verse 2 [note extra lines]:

	What is the world
	To a man with no hands?
	     E           B7
	And what is the world
	     C#7          B7
	To a man with no ears?
	And what is the world
	To a man with no tongue?
	To a man with all three
	But who knows less than he

Refrain 2:

	He feels the world going round
	Right beneath his feet
	Sees the wealth of man
	Struggling in his heat

Instrumental (fuzz bass and guitar duet over verse 1 chords)

Refrain 3:

	The frost of Autumn kills the flower
	Held in his hand
	Pity to lose him now
	Summer is the man        [end cold on B7]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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