Evil Ways chords with lyrics by Blues Saraceno - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Blues Saraceno – Evil Ways chords

Dm  Dm  Dm  F G 

DmIt's been so long, long hard days, they don't say, gods change my ways
FChange my ways
G DmThose evil ways
DmSo I set out, cross that way, strike them down, to make them pay
FChange their ways
G Dm F GTheir evil ways
Dm F GBut I can't hide, ooooooo, and I won't hide, ooooooo, yeah!
N.C. Dm F GMy Evil Ways
DmI found out, the hate grow cold, the god rise up, damn my soul
FCause I ain't change
G DmChange my ways
F GI ain't change
DmSo I won't hide, ooooo, I won't hide, oooooo, I can't hide, yeah! Ooooooo
F GI can't hide HEY!
NC. DmMy evil ways
[Solo] Dm [Chorus]
DmWell I can't hide, ooooo, and I won't hide, ooooo yeah, well I can't hide, ooooo, ouh!
F GCause I can't hide
DmMy evil ways
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