Bluetones – Solomon Bites The Worm tab

Intro riff:

Ae:---------------------------------------|B:---------------------------------------|G:---2---------0--------2---------0------|x6D:---2------------------2----------------|withA:---0---3h4------3h4---0----3h4---------|spanish wordsE:-----------------------------------3h4-|
Aye hombre hippa, vamos vamos! etc...
G/A G/B D D/F# D/G G/C Second time, end with:e:---2----2----2---3-3-3---|--|--------------------------|B:---3----3----3---3-3-3---|--|--1h3p1-0-----------------|G:---2----2----2---0-0-0---|--|----------0h2p0-----------|D:---0----0----0---0-0-0---|x2|----------------0h2p0-----|A:--------x----x---0-2-3---|--|----------------------0h3-|E:--------2----3-----------|--|--------------------------| Use thumb...
intro riff x2
Verse Riff:----------- A D C Intro Riffe:-----------0--------------------|-----------------------------|B:-----------2----3---3-----1---1-|-----------------------------|G:--2--------2----2---2-----0---0-|--2------0------2-----0------|D:--2--------2----0---0-----2---2-|--2-------------2------------|A:--0---3h4--0--------------3---3-|--0--3h4---3h4--0-3h4--------|E:--------------------------------|-------------------------3h4-|
A D C A (intro riff) Monday! Count all the teeth in my head A D C A Tuesday! anointed by a man in a dress D D/F# D/G G/A G/B G/C It's more than just a question of time D D/F# D/G 2nd time riff play intro riff once. It's more a question of reason and rhyme (pause, scrape strings) Verse 2: -------- Wednesday! Got hitched like a good boy should Thurdsday and Friday didn't feel so good, Saturday I said my goodbyes, On Sunday I'm food for the worms and the flies intro riff x2 Break: ------ F#m A D Dm A Pack up your troubles now, Take all you can carry F#m A E (pause) On your way, your way, just remember this time, G D A A G A(solo) You've only got seven days
Solo:----- G-------------------------------| play this x3 with variations A G A |-----------------------------------|e:-------|--|----------------3-----------------|------|B:-------|--|-----------1h3--3---3p1-----------|------|G:-2-2-0-|x3|-2-2--0h2-------0--------2--0--2--|-x2---|D:-2-2-0-|--|-2-2--0------------------2--0--2--|------|A:-0-0-0-|--|-0-0------------------------------|------|E:-------|--|----------------------------------|------|
Verse 3: (chords from second bit of verse 1) -------- It's more than just a question of time, It's more a question of reason and rhyme. Play Break again, ending on:
e:-----------|B:----5p3--2-|G:---------2-|D:---------2-|A:---------0-|E:-----------|seven days....
End Some chords: F#m 244222 D x00232 Dm x00231 E 022100 Thanks to Collen Chandler for sending me the intro... Hope this stuff was correct...the solo's a bit -ish... ^Z -- Frederic Maquet
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