Bluetones – 4 Day Weekend tab

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Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 11:38:32 +0100
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4 Day Weekend - by The Bluetones
			Tabbed by Frederic Maquet

This is quite a nice little song (especially the intro) from the
"Return to the Last Chance Saloon" album.. hope you like it...
The chorus sounds a bit like Hey Joe for a bit...

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Intro: (clean guitar)
The fingerpicking here is approximate, fingerpick each chord twice,
in the same way...(except for the D Dm at the end, once each).

A Am G Dsus2e:-------0-----0----------0-----0-|---------------------------0----|B:----2-----2----------1-----1----|--------3-----3---------3-----3-|G:--------2-----------------2-----|-----0-----0---------2----------|D:--------------------------------|------------------0-------------|A:-0----------------0-------------|--------------------------------|E:--------------------------------|--3-----------------------------|
A Am G Dsus2 Dm (let ring)e:------------------------0---------------5-|B:---------------------3-----3---------6----|G:------------------2---------------7-------|D:-------------------------------0----------|A:------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------|
A Am I don't care much for tradition, G Dsus2 and I know you'll be leaving one day A Am I can't promise that I'll ever be the one, G Dsus2 Dm but if you'll love me till Monday.
Verse:(distorted)----------------- A A C G De:---------------------------|-3--3---------------------------------|B:-2--0--2----1--1-----------|-3--3--------------3--3--3--0h1p0-----|G:-2--0--2----0--0--0--2--2--|-0--0---0--2--2----2--2------------2h0|D:-2--0--2----2--2--0--0--0--|-0--0---0--0--0----0--0---------------|A:-0--0--0----3--3-----------|-2--2---------------------------------|E:---------------------------|-3--3---------------------------------|
A C Let's Seran Wrap for the Weekend, G D See who comes up for air first A C We can go and break some windows G D And run and run till our chests are fit to burst G D Forget we ever said the words
Chorus: (distorted)-------Note: this is half of the ascending bass run of Hey Joe, theJimi Hendrix version! A C Ge:------------------------------------|B:---2--2-----------------------------|G:---2--2----------------0------------|x4D:---2--2----------2--3--------------0|A:---0--0-------3--------------2--3---|E:--------------------------3---------|
A C G A C G The future is deaaaad, that's what she saaaaaid, A C G It's all in your heaaad, you see, not mine, I'm fine A C G I'm alive, I've arrived Verse 2: (same as verse 1) -------- We thought we could make a difference, and be remembered when the pyramids are dust, But we had to learn that these bridges that we built, (add a Dm here...) can be as fragile as a loved one's trust Play Chorus ----------- Break: ------ E F Here comes my everything, This is my everything, There comes my everything, Dm G A (play verse chords) Bye-bye love Solo over verse chords: lots of sliding and general noise... ---- Play chorusx2 ------------- E (strum 4 times, slowing down...then pause) Verse 3: (slow, clean guitar as in intro) -------- A Am Let's forget about the questions, G Dsus2 we've been dragging out for years A Am Let's clear the smokey air between us, G Dsus2 Dm (<-slow down and stop) and say goodbye and shed no tears... End...^Z -- Frederic Maquet Webpage: **********************
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