Bluetree – Each Day chords

Each Day - Bluetree

Intro: C F (x2)Verse 1
C F CEach day, in the morning sun I see You
F G FAnd my heart cries out with praise, for You
C FKing of this heart
C F CEach time, in the sun or rain I feel You
F G FAnd my spirit cries with praise for You
CLord of this life
F G CFor You never leave me alone
F G CEven when storms cloud my way
F G CAnd I can't see breaking day
G CYou'll never leave me alone
F G CFor You'll get the praise Your due
F G AmFor even the rocks cry out to You
F G CAnd when it's said and done
G CYou never leave me alone
Verse 2
C F CEach night, in the evening moon I see You
F G FYour beauty shines for all to see
C FKing of glory
C F CNeither death nor life, the darkness
F G FOr even the light can separate
CMe from Your love
Outro: Am F C F
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