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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 17:31:18 EDT
From: slehman@MIT.EDU (Scott A. Lehman)

HANG A RISING MOON - Hugh Blumenfeld
from the album "The Strong In Spirit"
(c) Grace Records

F                  G     Em             Am
   rainy nights in march    making you amazed
Em                  Am               F                 Am
   singing songs of angel fights and silver travelling days
F                G                 C
   making all my life sound like a lark
F                    G
   trying to sing my heart out
F                   G
   trying to make a start (now won't you)

   C             F            G                C
   hang a rising moon on this sinking heart of mine
       F               C               G(run)
   and meet my willful sadness to it's rest
F                  G               C                F
   roll me o'er an ocean where the days ride deep below me
   C                  F         G        C
   something that was mine will be mine again

G "run"D|-------------3--5-|A|----2--3--5-------|E|-3----------------|
sitting here beside you 'till it's far too late to leave pretending nothing's on my mind and nothing's up my sleeve but feeling i could very nearly touch you should i take you without warning stay until the morning (comes oh) talking's not so easy, and singing's just not fair it puts you in a woman's soul to wonder how you got there i guess i'll just take all the time i need and i'll kiss you when i know you find a way to show you (you can) Em F G C something that was mine will be mine again
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