Blur – Country House tab ver. 2

Blur, Country House.
Tabbed by Grez,
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(So the story begins)
A                       E
City dweller successful fella
Thought to himself: "Oops, I've got a lot of money"
  D             (DbBass)        Db
I'm caught in a rat race terminally 
I'm a professional cynic
But my heart's not in it 
I'm paying the price of living life at the limit 
  D             (DbBass)        Db
Caught up in the century's anxiety
It preys on him, he's getting thin 

Now he lives in a house a very big house in the country
         D                                              A
Watching afternoon repeats and the food he eats in the country 
                                                                E7   Eb
He takes all manner of pills and piles up analyst bills in the country 
              D                                             A     Ab
Oh, it's like an animal farm that's the rural charm in the country

He's got morning glory and life's a different story 
Everything's going Jackanory Touched with his own mortality 
He's reading Balzac, knocking back Prozac 
It's a helping hand that makes you feel wonderfully bland 
Oh, it's a century's remedy For the faint at heart A new start 
(Try the simple life)   He lives in a house A very big house In the country 
He's got a fog in his chest So he needs a lot of rest In the country 
He doesn't drink, smoke, laugh Takes herbal baths In the country 
You should come to no harm On the animal farm In the country 

A             E               D                 A
Blow, blow me out, I am so sad, I don't know why

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