Blur - Shes So High tab

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Date:         Fri, 06 Oct 95 12:51:15 EDT
From: Van Vekris <3EV1@QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA>
Subject:      She's so High, by Blur

She's so High, by Blur (from "leisure")============= D C A C5(?) |---------2----------0---------------- ---0---0---0---0-----0--0--0--0----| |---------3----------1---------0h1p0-- ---2---2---2---2-----3--3--3--3----| |-------------2------0-----0---------- x3 ---2---2---2---2-----0--0--0--0----| |---0--0-------------2---------------- ---2---2---2---2-----2--2--2--2----| |--------------------3---------------- ---0---0---0---0-----3--3--3--3----| |------------------------------------- -----------------------------------|
Here's the chord pattern: D C D C D C A C5 "see her face, everyday, see her face, doesn't help me....." - Its a pretty easy song to play, as you can see. The guitar is mildly dist- orted throughout. Van Vekris,
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