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Date: 12 Jul 1999 18:05:47 -0700
Subject: b/blur/

                      * Song: "Swap Song"     *
                      * Performer: "BLUR"     *
                      * From the Album : "13" *

Tabbed by 

Ok this is a very easy song to play, as I have told you in some other
tabs: Maybe the lyrics or some parts of the tab aren't a 100%, if you
find some mistakes mail me.


        |E |B |G |D |A |e |
B5      |X |2 |4 |4 |X |X |
Bb      |X |1 |3 |3 |X |X |
C5      |X |3 |5 |5 |X |X |       
D5      |X |5 |7 |7 |X |X |
D5      |X |6 |8 |8 |X |X |       
D*      |X |X |X |5 |7 |X |


h  =  harmer on
p  =  pull off
b  =  bend
bg =  bend gradually
r  =  release bend
() =  natural harmonics
/  =  slide
X  =  only mute them a short moment, that don't sound like if you 
      are hitting it.
*  =  mutings with the left hand
~  =  vibrato
@  =  use tremolo bar  

Swap Song:

INTRO: Repeat this two times B5 C5 D5 D#5 D5 C5 D5 D#5 D5e!---!-----------------------------------------------------------------!B!---!-------------------------------------------------------------------!G!-4-!-5--5--7--8--8--7--5--5--7--8--8--8--7-----------------------------!D!-X-!-X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X-----------------------------!A!-2-!-3--3--5--6--6--5--3--3--5--6--6--6--5-----------------------------!E!---!-------------------------------------------------------------------! ^This is only play one time; in the first strumming
VERSE 1: C5 D5 D#5 D5 C5 D5 D#5 D5e!----------------------------------------------------------------------!B!----------------------------------------------------------------------!G!--5--5--7--8--8--7--5--5--7--8--8--8--7-------------------------------!D!--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X--X-------------------------------!A!--3--3--5--6--6--5--3--3--5--6--6--6--5-------------------------------!E!----------------------------------------------------------------------!
Play this riff with this lyrics BRIDGE 1:
VERSE 2: Play the same tab of VERSE 1 only sing lyrics BRIDGE 2: Play the same that BRIDGE 1, only that this one have some extrange effects. VERSE 3: Play the same of the other verse only sing this lyrics BRIDGE 3: The same of BRIDGE 1,2 only sing this lyrics Stick it .... OUTRO : I think this part don't have a guitar, but you can play the same tab of the other verse La, lala, lala, lalala... There you have, it's really easy to play this song if you find some mistakes, that I think I have some, mail me a send it to me, or only put it on this tab the corrections.
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