Blur - Out Of Time chords

G7: 320001
F7+: X33210
am7+: X02110

Em F Em Where's the love song?
G To set us free
Em F Too many people down
Em F G7 Everything turning the wrong way around
Em F Em F And I don't know what love will be
Em F But if we start dreaming now
Em F G7 Lord knows we'll never leave the clouds
Em F7+And you've been so busy lately
Em F7+that you haven't found the time
Em F7+ To open up your mind
Am am7+ C F GAnd watch the world spinning gently out of time
(Repeat for next verse and chorus)
Am am7+Tell me i'm not dreaming
C FBut are we out of time
GWe're out of time
FOut of time
G Out of time
FOut of time
COut of time
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