Blur - On The Way To The Club chords

		    On The Way To The Club - Blur
Tabbed by: adslam3

Tuning: Standard
I know there's a little bit of lead guitar that disappears after a bit,
but if you want to play the song on acoustic or whatever then this
should work ok. Might be a little off here and there, but let me
know what you think. I figured it out through singing along,it seems close.
I don't know the lead during the intro (sorry!)but if you have any ideas,
then let me know so I can put it in and give you credit. Thanks and enjoy.

Intro: G - F - A

Verse 1:
GAnd On My Way To The Club
F AI Fell down a hole
GAll the people there
F ASaid you come alone
Am F AmAnd I, I just want to be, darling with you
FThe music's made that way
Am CMy eyes aren't blue
F AThere's nothing I can do
Verse 2:
G So I stayed in the club
F AJust rewarding myself
F ACould turn into something else
Am F AmAnd I just wanna be, darling with you
FThe music's made that way
Am C F AMy eyes aren't blue, there's nothing I can do
Outtro: Repeat Am and F
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