Blur – Under The Westway chords ver. 2

This is the chord progression for the whole song:


C G Am GThere were blue skies in my city today
F Em Dm Dm/CEverthing was sinking said snow would come on sunday
G Am G FThe old school was due and the traffic grew
Fm Upon the westway
C G Am GWhere I stood watching comets lonesome trails
F Em Dm Dm/CShining up above me the jet fuel it fell
Down to earth where the money always comes firts And the sirens sing
C G Am GBring us the day the switch off the machines
F Em Dm Dm/CCos men in yellow jackets putting adverts inside my dreams
G Am G FAn au to mated songs and the whole world gone
FmFall under the spell of
C G Am GDistance between us when we communicate
F Em Dm Dm/CStill picking up shortwave somewhere they're out in space
G Am G FIt depends how you're wired when the night's on fire
FmUnder the westway
C G Am GNow it's magic arrows hitting the bull
F Em Dm Dm/CDoing one eight still standing at last call
G Am G FWhen the flags coming down
FmAnd the last post sounds just like a love song
C G Am GFor the way I fell about you
F Em Dm Dm/CParadise not lost is in you
G Am G FOn a permanent basis I apologise
FmBut I am going to sing
C G Am GHallelujah, sing it loud and sing it to you
F Em Dm Dm/CAm I lost out at sea
G Am G F'Til a tide wash me up
FmOff the westway.
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