Blur – Battery In Your Leg tab

 Here are some chords, which I think, are correct. Standard tunning: EADGBE

intro slowly: C,G6,Fmaj7

C         G6             Fmaj7
This is a ballad for the good times
C         G6             Fmaj7
So put a battery in your leg
C         G6             Fmaj7
Put a rock beat on the record
C         G6                   F
And get it stuck there in your head
You can be with me

The same as first verse: C, G6, Fmaj7

I've got nothing to rely on
I've broken every bone
Everybody's stopped believing
But you know you're not alone
You can be with me

Here is bridge on chords: C,G,F and solo:

E----------------------------------------------------------|B--6-5------------------------------6-5--------------------|G------4-5------------------------------4-5----------------| x2D----------5-3-2----------------------------5-3------------|A----------------3-----------------------------------------|E-----------------3-1-0-1-3--------------------------------|
The same chords as in first and second verse: This is a ballad for the good times Another dignity we held Don't get better ........... And you ain't coming back You can be with me If you want to be You can be with me Bridge and solo the same. Chords used:
C G6 Fmaj7 G FE--0--|--0--|--0--|--3--|--1--|B--1--|--3--|--1--|--3--|--1--|G--0--|--0--|--2--|--0--|--2--|D--2--|--0--|--3--|--0--|--3--|A--3--|--2--|--3--|--2--|--3--|E-----|--3--|-----|--3--|--1--|
Very easy song, but great! Szym 27 July 2005
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