Blur - Im Just A Killer For Your Love tab

                   I'M JUST A KILLER FOR YOUR LOVE - BLUR



During the verse, Graham(I think.) plays a chord and then just scrapes his hand up and down the strings.(_><)e|---_><---| e|---_><---|B|---_><---| B|---_><---|G|---_><---|Every once in awhile he may slide to this, G|-7-_><---|D|-5-_><---| but I'm not sure when cuz I'm deaf. D|-7-_><---|A|-5-_><---| A|-5-_><---|E|-3-_><---| E|---_><---|
Chorus 1 & 2:
e|---|B|---|G|---|D|-5-|A|-3-|E|-3-|let ring
Yeah, I don't know the solo thing either, & I'm deaf then too.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But, then again, it is a fade.~~~~~~~~~~~ Other than that, it is a BREEZE!~~~~~~~~~
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