Blur - Clover Over Dover tab



E ---------------7-----9-----12------129/11-12-12-12----|B --5------9-------9-----12-----9-12---------12-12-12---|G ----4------9------------------------------------------|D ------------------------------------------------------|A ------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------|B --------------------------------|G --9-9-9-9-8-6----------p--------| 4xD --------------9-7--9-11-9----9--|A --------------------------11----|E --------------------------------|
E --4--2--0-----------4--0--2---------------|B --5--4--2--2-0---0--5--0--2--2------------|G --6--4--2------1----6--1--2----2-1---2/4--|D --6--4--2-----------6--2--2--------2-2/4--|A --4--2--0-----------4--2--0---------------|E -----------------------0------------------|
C#m B A I'm on the white cliffs of Dover C#m E A Thinking it over and over C#m B A But if I jump its all over C#m E A B A cautionary tale for you (Verse 2: Same chords) I love to roll in the clover With you over and over On the white cliffs of Dover And then I'd let you push me over C#m B A G#m F#m(sus4) F# B C And if that is the fact then in actual fact it's not where it's at and it's over (Repeat) Verse 3: (Same chords) And now the bluebirds are over The white cliffs of Dover So when you push me over Don't bury me I'm not worth anything
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