Blur – Bettlebum tab

ok this is similar to the tab of Ash's 'Sometimes' i made a while ago. i looked at the
already here and picked out the parts which sounded right. i then made a few alterations
expanded upon the outro riff. i take no claim to the entire work as i completed it with 
use of the tabs already online and they deserve more praise of attempting the track first.

Anyways enjoy.

Artist: Blur
Song: Beetlebum
album: Blur (1997)

several times followed by
e---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D---------------------| several timesA-----7-7-7-----7-7-7-|E-/12\5-5-5-/12\5-5-5-|
Verse:e---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D---------------------| x4A-----7-7-7-----7-7-7-|E-/12\5-5-5-/12\5-5-5-|
e----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D----------------------------| x4A------10-10-10-----10-10-10-|E-/12\-8--8--8--/12\8--8--8--|
e---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D---------------------| x4A----3-3-3----3-3-3---|E-/7\1-1-1-/7\1-1-1---|
repeat verse but after the secong time play an A chord
e-5- e-x-xB-5- B-x-xG-6- G-x-xD-7- repeatedly until D-x-xA-7- A-x-xE-5- E-x-x
Chorus: C And when she lets me slip away G A She turns me on and Am F All my violence gone Am Nothing is wrong F I just slip away and then A# C I am gone G Am Nothing is wrong F Am She turns me on F I just slip away and then A# C I am gone repeat once and then the outro is: A He`s on, He's on, He's on, yeah C He`s on, He's on, He's on, yeah F He`s on, He's on, He's on, yeah G A# He`s on, He's on, He's on, yeah and this riff played over:
this sequence is repeated a bit, then after a while it becomes purely instrumental, so until the song abruptly ends.
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