Bo Burnham - 314 Apple Pie chords

Another one of Bo's Songs, easy to play, The chords are just repeated over and over... 
I'm Sure you'll get the hang of it so I'm only going to do the first verse.

Intro: Am G F E

Am GYo I don't got bros, don't hang on the streets
F E AmI don't beat my hos, I only beat my meat.
GDon't womanize cause you no it's true
F E That when you look in their eyes you see their people too
Am G F E AmMother effin suffrage!
GYou know I'm a gangsta, you know I do coke,
F E AmBut I had to go to diet, cause it burnt my throat.
G I've been doin drive-bys all of my life,
F ECept the bullets are newspapers, the car is my bike.
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