Bo Burnham - Oh Bo chords version 1

Intro (spoken):
I feel like hip hop
Used to be a voice for the voiceless, 
And now it's become, at least in the mainstream, 
A symbol of misogyny, gay panic, fiscal irresponsibility.
So I figure, 
If you can't beat 'em, 
Join 'em.

G#Hittin' the club up VIP
D#I got a fake mustache and a fake ID.
FI look like Wooly Willy
C#With a really wooly willy.
G#And I bypass the bouncer,
D#Pass by an ex and I flex and bounce her, wowser.
FLook at all of Bo's hoes
C#Looking for a ride on Bo's hose.
G#And I spot a little Latino, booty so big call it Oprah's ego.
D#We go to it, through it, she says, "Dios mio mi amigo!"
FPull it out, stick it in your mouth, and I bust in the back of ya.
C#Swallow bitch, there's people starving in Africa!
G#Single every single day
D#Do it every single way
FMake the single ladies say
C#Oooh Bo
G#And if I were gay,
D#Though I swear I'm straight,
F C# I'd make them fellas say...
G#You're an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top,
D#But careful, cherry, 'cause I'm the King of Pop.
FPop pop pop goes my weasel,
C#Now ya looking like Jackson Pollock's easel.
G#My suggestion is:
D#You don't blow 'til you know what congestion is,
FSwallow when you know what digestion is.
C#Follow Bo, the only question is:
G#Have you been splattered before
D#By the mad-hatter matador?
FCake-batter never more
C#It don't matter whether you're
G#Spanish, French,
D#Swedish or Cambodian,
FI'll slime you so hard you could be on Nickelodeon.
G#You think that you can handle me?
D#Girl, don't make me laugh.
FI said my junk is bipolar
C#It will split you in half (yea).
G#And if you're lucky,
D#I might just bring you home,
FAnd I'll have you going down
C#Like you're growin' an extra chromosome.
G#And when you love me,
D#Don't grab me by the buns
F'Cause I got a bad case of the ruunnnns.
C#I got the runs
I got the ru-u-u-uuuns (CHORUS) (Spoken) (The rhythm in this part is kinda hard to tab out. It is still the same chords, just a different rhythm) I wanna break it down for ya'll I came from the streets, with nothin' Now I'm makin' hit records For my people still livin' in the streets, Still livin' in poverty, I wanna tell you I'm doin' this for you. My success is your success. And I know you may be thinkin', Hey, if you really believe that, Why don't you use some of your money To help rebuild the neighborhood Instead of putting spinning rims on a gold jet ski? And to that I say (uh, chorus is comin' out): (CHORUS)
G#You gotta fume like a tuna,
D#I'll smell ya later.
FI met a fat chick
C# FAnd fucked her in an elevator.
G# D# It was wrong on so many levels.
F C# It was wrong on so many le-le-le-levels.
G# G#It was wrong on so many levels (ugh).
G# (Transition up to A#)It was wrong on, it was wrong on, it was wrong on
A#Single every single
FDo it every single
GPop that single like a Pringle jingle
D#Oooh Bo
A#This song's almost completed
FAll this little ditty needed
GInstrument that's double reeded:
D#The oboe
(Yea) Oh, Bo Play that oboe
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