Bo Burnham – Art Is Dead chords ver. 3

I prefure capo 3, but play with it. see what feels right

Em CArt is dead, art is dead
G DArt is dead, art is dead
Em C Entertainers like to seem complicated
GBut we're not complicated
DI can explain it pretty easily
EmHave you ever been to a birthday party for children
CAnd one of the children won't stop screaming
GCause he's just a little attention attractor
DWhen he grows up to be a comic or actor
EmHe'll be rewarded for never maturing
CFor never understanding or learning
GThat every day can't be about him
D There's other people you selfish asshole
EmI must be psychotic, I must be demented
CTo think that I'm worthy of all this attention
GOf all of this money you worked hard for
DI slept in late while you worked at the drug store
EmMy drug's attention, I am an addict
CBut I get paid to indulge in my habit
GIt's all an illusion, I'm wearing make-up
DI'm wearing make-up, make-up, make-up, make-up
Em CArt is dead, so people think you're funny
How do you get those people's money?
Em CArt is dead, we're rolling in money
Em C-G-DWhile Carlin rolls in his grave, in his grave
Emthis show has got a budget
CThe show has got a budget
G DAnd all the poor people way more deserving of the money won't budget
EmCause I wanted my name in lights
CWhen I could have fed a family of four
G DFor forty fucking fortnights, forty fucking fortnights
EmI am an artist, please god forgive me
CI am an artist, people don't revere me
GI am an artist, please don't respect me
DI am an artist, feel free to correct me
EmA self-centered artist, self-obsessed artist
CI am an artist, I am an artist
G DBut I'm just a kid, I'm just a kid, I'm just a kid
EmAnd maybe I'll grow out of it
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