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Bo Diddley – Im A Man tab

I'm A Man: Bo Diddley

... C |G C | e|...------------|------------------------|... B|...------------|------------------------|... G|...------5--3--|------------------5--3--|Etc. D|...---5--------|5--------------5--------|... A|...------------|------------------------|... E|...------------|------------------------|...
{Intro:} {3x main riff} {Verse 1:} Now, when I was a little boy, At the age of five, I had something in my pocket, Keep a lot of folks alive. {Verse 2:} Now I'm a man, May 21, You know baby, We could have a lot of fun. {Refrain:} I'm a man, I spell M, A, N. Man. Ah, Oh. Oh, Ah. {Verse 3:} All you pretty women, Stand in line. I can make love to you baby, In an hour's time. {Refrain:} I'm a man, I spell M, A, N, Man. {Break:} {8 measures harmonica solo} {Verse 4:} I'm goin' back down, To Kansas to, Bring back a second cousin, Little John the Conqueroo. {Refrain:} I'm a man, Spell M, A, N, Man. Oh, Ah, Ah, Oh. {Verse 5:} The line I shoot, Will never miss. The way I make love, some They can't resist. {Refrain:} I'm a man, I spell M, A, N....
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