Boards Of Canada - Chromakey Dreamcoat tab

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Artist: Boards of Canada
Song:   Chromakey Dreamcoat
Album:  The Campfire Headphase
Tabbed by: (Andrew Bailey)



(repeated almost throughout)

|------------------||------------------||------------------||10----10-10----10-||----8--------8----||------------------| x2 q e e q e e
|------------------||------------------||------------------||6-----6-6-----8---||----4-------6-----||------------------| x2 q e e q e e
|------------------||------------------||------------------||3-----3-3-----3---||----1-------1-----||------------------| x2 q e e q e e
[this is just the guitar parts in the song. too many other noises and effects to tab.]
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