Bob Catley - A Beautiful Night For Love tab

BOB CATLEY  A Beautiful Night For Love
from the Legends (1999) record

Intro:e-----|-------------------------|---------------------|B---3-|-5----5-7-8--7--5--------|-------------------3-|G-4---|-------------------5-----|-4----5-4--------4---|D-----|-----------------------5-|------------7--------|A-----|-------------------------|---------------------|E-----|-------------------------|---------------------| Em C G D
e----------------------|----------------------------|B-5----5-7-8-----------|----------8-8-7-7-----------|G--------------7-5---4-|-4---2------------9-9-7-7---|D----------------------|--------------------------9-|A----------------------|----------------------------|E----------------------|----------------------------| Em G C D
e-------------------------|---------------------|B-5----5-7-8--7--5--------|---------------------|G-------------------5-----|-4----5-4----------4-|D-----------------------5-|------------7----7---|A-------------------------|---------------------|E-------------------------|---------------------| Em C G D
e----------------------|----------------|B------3-5-3-----------|-5----------3---|G-5-----------4--2--0--|-------2--2-----|D----------------------|----------------|A----------------------|----------------|E----------------------|----------------| Am G C D
Riff A:e-------------------------|B----8-7-5-7--------------|G-------------7-----7-----|D----------------7----5-4-|A-------------------------|E-------------------------| 4x Em D
Verse 1: Em C G D Were the last of your tears drops in the ocean? Em C G D Do the dreams you conceal, guide the way? Em C G C D Is a past full of fear, bound by emotions? Am G C D Till a time when the sun might turn those winter skies to summer nights Riff A 2x Verse 2: Em C G D How the last hundred years passed in a moment Em C G D How the sepia scenes fade to grey Em C G C D Was the great lovers' dream crowned by devotion? Am G C D Fill 1 As they climbed on a comet's tail across the sky that never dies
Fill 1:e---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D---5-5-4-4-----------|A-----------7-7-5-5---|E-------------------7-| PM---------------|
Chorus: Em C G D For tonight is a beautiful night for love Em G C D Fill 1 You and I, like the stars, collide together Em C G D What a night, what a beautiful night for love Am G C D Catch the moon as it falls into your hands, like precious sand Riff A 4x Verse 3: Em C G D From the rain battered hills, oh, I heard you calling Em C G D On the mist covered fields, where we lay Em C G C D Then at last you appeared, caught for a moment Am G C D Fill 1 For the light that I held for you through endless night, still burns bright Chorus Riff A 4x Solo rhythm: Em, C, G, D Em, C, G, D Em, C, G, C, D Am, G, C, D, Fill 1 Chorus Riff A 8x
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