Bob Catley - Deep Winter chords

BOB CATLEY  Deep Winter
from the album The Tower (1998)

Intro 1:e-----------------|--------------------|B-7------10-8-----|-10-7---------------|G-----------------|--------7---9-9-----|D-----------------|--------------------|A-----------------|--------------------|E-----------------|--------------------|
Bm G D A/C#
Em Bm G A repeat Intro 1 Intro 2: Bm, G, D, A/C# repeat Intro 2 Verse 1:
Bm G D A/C# The setting sunlight fades and once again I'm lonely
Bm G D A/C# You're here beside me yet a thousand miles away
Bm G D A/C# So as I pray for sleep that I might wake up only
Bm G D A/C# To find it's all been just a dream, a big mistake, a re-take
Pre-chorus 1:
Em D A/C# Now the hourglass of time is still
Em D A/C# Catatonic on the window sill
Em D A/C# G Frozen solid by the winds that chill you and me
G A Bm G D A/C# Locked in deep winter - summer passed away
Em Bm G A We both have nothing left to say
Bm G D A/C#Lost in deep winter - broken down, decayed
Em Bm G A Now just the memories remain
repeat Intro 2 twice Verse 2:
Bm G D A/C# We used to laugh and cry, it felt so natural to me
Bm G D A/C# It seemed the springtime in your eyes could melt the day
Bm G D A/C# A frozen hearted trace of words that mattered to me
Bm G D A/C# Became the resting place for all that passed away between us
Pre-chorus 2:
Em D A/C# I confess it has an irony
Em D A/C# Neither of us where we planned to be
Em D A/C# G On reflection I can clearly see you and me
repeat Chorus repeat Intro 1 twice repeat Pre-chorus 1 repeat Chorus repeat Intro 2 several times and fade out
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