Bob Catley – Dreamers Unite tab

BOB CATLEY – Dreamers Unite
from the album Immortal (2008)

Intro 1:e---------------------------------|---------------------------------|B---------------------------------|---------------------------------|G-----------4---------------4-----|---------------------------------|D-4---4-6-7---6---4---4-6-7---6---|-4---4-6-7---6---4---4-6---------|A---4-----------7---4-------------|---5---------------5-----4-2-5-4-|E---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
repeat Intro 1
Intro 2:e------------------------------------|----------------------------------|B------------------------------------|----------------------------------|G------------7-----------------7-----|----------------------------------|D-7---7-9-10---9----7---7-9-10---9---|-7---7-9-10---9---7---7-9---------|A---7------------10---7--------------|---8----------------8-----7-5-8-7-|E------------------------------------|----------------------------------|
repeat Intro 2 than Am chord
Main theme:e--------------------------------------10-|B-12----12-14---12----12-15---12----12----|G----11------------11------------11-------|D-----------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
repeat Main theme
end Main theme:e-----------------|B-12--------------|G-----------------|D-----------------|A-----------------|E-----------------|
Verse 1: Bm G I believed in the stories Bm G The ones that were told by night Bm G G D/F# A I believed what I heard in my sleep Bm G I know we are chosen Bm G I know that the time has come Bm G G D/F# A Carry the secret in our hearts Pre-chorus: G Bm Everything's for real G It's reality you feel Em The earth below us disappears Chorus 1: Dm C Dreamers unite at the end of the rainbow Bb F/A Join our fight, don't let your hope go Gm Eb Gm A The treasure is here, you only see it with your eyes closed repeat Main theme and sing “Dreamers unite, join our fight” Interlude: Bm, G, Bm, G Verse 2: Bm G A different world Bm G Another destiny Bm G G D/F# A The old life's erased, can't go back Bm G I know it's not easy Bm G To forget all the lies you've heard Bm G G D/F# A I know that it's hard to rise a----gain repeat Pre-chorus Chorus 2: Dm C Dreamers unite at the end of the rainbow Bb F/A Join our fight, don't let your hope go Gm Eb Gm A The treasure is here, close your eyes now repeat Chorus 1 repeat Main theme and sing “Dreamers unite, join our fight” Solo rhythm: Em, Csus2, Asus2, F Em, Csus2, Asus2, G repeat Solo rhythm Bridge G Bm I know the time has come G I know we are the chosen ones Em Carrying a secret in our hearts repeat Pre-chorus repeat Chorus 2 repeat Chorus 1 repeat Main theme and sing “Dreamers unite, join our fight” repeat Main theme and sing “Yes, I know we are chosen, oh, I know we are chosen” Ending: G, Bm
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