Bob Dylan – Where Teardrops Fall tab

			     WHERE TEARDROPS FALL - Bob Dylan
Tabbed by: Nick Celender
Tuning: Standard
Notes: Mainly a descending B to A to G type of thing.  The A sounds like an A5.

G/B - x20033
A - x022xx

/ - slide up
\ - slide down


G G/B Far away where the soft winds blow G/B A G (E) Far away from it all G G/B There is a place you go G/B A G Where teardrops fall G G/B Far away in the stormy night G/B A G Far away over the wall G G/B You are there in the flickering light G/B A G Where teardrops fall C We bang the drum slowly C And play the fife lowly G You know the song in my heart C In the turning of twilight C In the shadows of moonlight D You can show me a new place to start G G/B I've torn my clothes and I've drained the cup G/B A G Stripping away at it all G G/B Thinkin' of you when the sun comes up G/B A G Where teardrops fall (Intro variation) C By rivers of blindness C In love and with kindness G We can hold up a toast if we meet C To the cutting of fences C To sharpen the senses D That linger in the fireball heat G G/B Roses are red, violets are blue G/B A G And time is beginning to crawl G/B G/B I just might have to come see you G/B A G Where teardrops fall ===============================================================================
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