Bob Dylan - Meet Me In The Morning tab

Open E tuning: EBEG#Be
E:   000000
E7:  000030
A:   020120
B7:  xx7775

^= 1/4 bend

Intro: A E A E---0---|----3^-0--0-----0----0---|----3^-0--0----------0---|-2-----|---------(3)----0--2-----|---------(3)----0--2-----|-1-----|---(0)----------0--1-----|----------------0--1-----|-------|-0-----------0-----------|-0-----------0-----------|-------|-------------------------|-------------------------|-------|-------------------------|-------------------------| (=lick 1)
E E A|----3^-0--0--------------|----3^-0--0----------0---||--------(3)--------------|-0-------(3)----0--2-----||----0--------------------|0---------------0--1-----||-0-----------------------|-------------0-----------||-------------------------|-------------------------||-------------------------|-------------------------|
E|---------12--12----------0---||-----------------------------||-----/12---------------12----||----------------------0------||-----------------------------||-----------------------------| (=lick 2)
E E7 A |E . . A |E . . . | Meet me in the morning, 56th and Wabasha (2x lick 2) A E . . . |. . . . | (2x lick 1) Meet me in the morning, 56th and Wabasha B7 Honey, we could be in Kansas A E By time the snow begins to thaw.
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