Bob Dylan - Life Is Hard chords

Bob Dylan
Life Is Hard
Together Through Life (2009)
Tabbed By Mario Carranza Jr.
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Intro:   Bb   A7   Dm     D7    Gm   C7   F

E ---10---------------8---------------5---5---5B ---X----------------X---------------5---5---5G --- 7----------------7---------------5---5---5D ---8----------------8---------------7---6---5A ---6----------------6---------------X---X---XE ---X----------------X---------------X---X---X
Ebmaj7*1 Ebmaj7*2 Am Decending Verse:
Ebmaj7*1 Ebmaj7*2The evening winds are still
Dm E7 I’ve lost the way and will
Am7 D7 can’t carry you where they will
Gm C7I just know what they meant
Am (Decending Root) I’m always on my guard
Am(Dec Cont.) D7 admitting life is hard
Gm C7 Fwithout you near me
The friend you used to be so near and dear to me you slipped so far away where did we go astray I passed the old school yard admitting life is hard without you near me Ever since the day the day you went away I felt that emtyness so quite? wide? I don’t know what’s wrong or right I just know I need strenght tonight strength to fight that world outside Since we’ve been out of touch I haven’t felt that much From day to barren day My heart stays locked away I walk the boulevard admitting life is hard without you near me The sun is sinkin low I’ guess it’s time to go I feel a chilly breeze In place of memories My dreams are locked and barred admitting life is hard without you near me
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