Bob Dylan - Nettie Moore chords version 1

Am7 G C . . .Lost John's sittin' on a railroad track
Ab G . . .Something's out of whack
Am7 G C Dm7 . . .Blues this mornin' fallin' down like hail
C . G CGonna leave a greasy trail
Gonna travel the world is what I'm gonna do Then come back and see you. All I ever do is struggle and strive. If I don't do anybody any harm, I might make it back home alive. I'm the oldest son of a crazy man, I'm in a cowboy band Got a pile of sins to pay for and I ain't got time to hide I'd walk through a blazing fire, baby, if I knew you was on the other side
G F COh, I miss you, Nettie Moore
FAnd my happiness is o'er
G CWinter's gone, the river's on the rise
C E7 I loved you then and ever shall
F CBut there's no one left here to tell
C G CThe world has gone black before my eyes
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