Bob Dylan – Im Not There chords

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I m Not There chords
Bob Dylan 

Capo IV

GEv'ry thing's all right and then she's
Fall the time in my neighborhood
AmShe cries both day and night
G C/G G C/G GI know it 'cause she was there
GIt's a milestone
Fbut she's down on her luck
AmAnd the day makes her lonely
Gand it's so hard to buck
C/G G C/G G...I was there
CI believe that she'd stop him
EmWhere she once stopped to care
FI believe that she'd look upon
Cbeside 'em and care
F CAnd I'd go by her now and she's on my way
G C/G G C/G GBut I don't belong there
GNo I don't belong to her
FI don't belong to anybody
AmShe's my prize forsaken angel
GBut she don't hear me cry
GShe's a lone-hearted mystic
FAnd she can carry on
AmWhen I'm there, she's all right
G C/G G C/GBut she's not when I'm gone
CHeaven knows she's the answer
Emshe don't call on no one
FShe's a wave, a thing of beauty
Cshe's mine for the one
CAnd I'm not hesitating
Emby temptation lest it runs
FBut she don't follow me
G C/G G C/G Gbut I'm not there, I'm gone
GNow I'll cry tonight
FLike I cried the night before
AmAnd I'll feast on her eyes but
GI'll dream about the door
GSo long, Jesus, savior
FBlind faith worth to tell
AmIt don't have consolation
G C/G G C/G Gshe's my love far thee well
CHer smile is contagious
EmI was born to love her
FBut she knows that the kingdom waits
Cso high above her
CAnd I run but I race
Embut it's not too fast or soon
FI'll try and not deceive her
G C/G G C/G GI'm not there, I'm gone
GIt's all about confusion
Fand I cry for her pale
AmI don't need anybody now
Gbeside me to tell
GCause it's all affirmation
FI've received but it's not
AmI wish I was beside
G C/G G C/G Gbut I'm not there I'm gone
Yes, she s gone like set8
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