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With God On Our Side chords
Bob Dylan

C F C F C  F C F C

C F COh, my name it is nothin'
F CMy age it means less
F CThe country I come from
F CIs called the Midwest
F CI's taught and brought up there
F CThe laws to abide
F CAnd that land that I live in
F CHas God on its side.
C F COh, the history books tell it
F C They tell it so well
F CThe cavalries charged
F CThe Indians fell
F C The cavalries charged
F CThe Indians died
F COh, the country was young
F CWith God on its side.
C F COh, the Spanish-American
F CWar had it s day
F CAnd the Civil War too
F CWas soon laid away
F CAnd the names of the heroes
F CI's made to memorize
F CWith guns in their hands
F CAnd God on their side.
C F COh, the First World War, boys
F CIt closed out its fate
F CThe reason for fighting
F CI never got straight
F CBut I learned to accept it
F CAccept it with pride
F CFor you don't count the dead
F CWhen God's on your side.
C F CWhen the Second World War
F CCame to an end
F CWe forgave the Germans
F CAnd we were friends
F CThough they murdered six million
F CIn the ovens they fried
F CThe Germans now too
F CHave God on their side.
C F CI've learned to hate Russians
F CAll through my whole life
F CIf another war starts
F CIt's them we must fight
F CTo hate them and fear them
F CTo run and to hide
F CAnd accept it all bravely
F CWith God on my side.
C F CBut now we got weapons
F COf the chemical dust
F CIf fire them we're forced to
F CThen fire them we must
F COne push of the button
F CAnd a shot the world wide
F CAnd you never ask questions
F CWhen God's on your side.
C F CIn a many dark hour
F CI've been thinkin' about this
F CThat Jesus Christ
F CWas betrayed by a kiss
F CBut I can't think for you
F CYou'll have to decide
F CWhether Judas Iscariot
F CHad God on his side.
C F CSo now as I'm leavin'
F CI'm weary as Hell
F CThe confusion I'm feelin'
F CAin't no tongue can tell
F CThe words fill my head
F CAnd fall to the floor
F CIf God's on our side
F CHe'll stop the next war.
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