Bob Dylan – Return To Me tab

Di Minno/Lombardo

Recorded by Bob Dylan for the "Sopranos" soundtrack
Tabbed by Andrea Baroni (

Cmaj7   332000
C#0     x45353
G       xx0787
F       xx0565
Em      xx0453
Ebm     xx0342
Dm      xx0231
G+      xx5443 or 321003

Return to me
      C#0          Dm       (G7)
Oh my dear, I'm so lonely
      G           F
Hurry back, hurry back
      Em   Ebm    Dm
Oh my love, hurry back
G+   C
I am yours

--------------------| --5--3--1--(1---1)--| --5--4--2---2---0---| ------------3---2---| --------------------| --------------------|...yours
Return to me for my heart wants you only hurry home, hurry home won't you please hurry home G/b C F Fm C to my heart My darling, If I hurt you, I'm sorry Forgive me, and please say you are mine Return to me Please come back bella mia Hurry back, hurry home To my heart, to my lips and my heart Ritorna me Cara mia ti amo Solo tu, solo tu Solo tu, solo tu Mio cuore
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