Bob Dylan - Standing In The Doorway tab version 1

Bob Dylan  Standing in the doorway
From the album Time Out Of mind
Tab by Marshtin

There many ways of playing this, use random variations.

Dylan uses this riff: (If your playing alone, its sound good to play it after the C#m)

|-9---9--9---------||-12--10-9---9-----||-9---9--9---9-----||------------9-----||------------11----||------------------| and then you can go back to the G#m.
or the same riff can be played like this: (you can use a glissando)
|-12--10--9--------||------------------||-9---7---6--------||------------------||------------------||------------------| .. and then back to the E
Chords: (E: 022100) E2: 476454 G#m: 466444 C#m: x 11 11 9 9 9 E3: x 11 9 9 9 x (A: 002220) (Dsus2: xx0230) A: 577655 Dsus2: 557755 B: 224442 B2: 799877 F#: 244322 Esus: 022200 E(or E2) G#m C#m G#m I'm walking through the summer nights E G#m C#m G#m Jukebox playing low E G#m C#m G#m Yesterday everything was going too fast E G#m C#m G#m Today, it's moving too slow A Dsus2 A Dsus2 I got no place left to turn A Dsus2 A - B2 (B on 7th fret) I got nothing left to burn E G#m C#m G#m Don't know if I saw you, if I would kiss you or kill you E G#m C#m G#m It probably wouldn't matter to you anyhow A E(Esus) B F# F# - G# - A(5th fret) You left me standing in the doorway, crying E I got nothing to go back to now
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