Bob Dylan - Nettie Moore tab version 1

Here's a version if u don't have a capo:
TUNING: 1/2 step flat
Key of E

              D#dim5+6, D-
              A-, B/C, D-
              C, G, C

CHORUS:  G, F, C (oh i miss u nettie moore)
         F (and my happiness is over)
         G, C (winters gone the rivers on the rise)
         E, E7 (I love u then & ever shall
         F, C, (but there's no one left to tell)
         C, F, C (The world has gone black...)

Listen to the intro to get the rythme and placement
of the verses chords. too many lyrics to type out.
play w/ loose feel to get in all lyrics.
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