Bob Dylan - When I Got Troubles tab

This is the first original Bob Dylan song recorded when he was in high school in 1959.  
a very short track.  It can be found as the first track on:
the Bootleg Series Vo. 7: the No Direction Home Soundtrack

E  022100
A  x02220
B7 021202

That is the basic strumming pattern

E A : . . . : . . .|-0-----0-----0-----0-----||-0-----0-----0-----0-----|||-0-----0-----0-----0-----||-2-----2-----2-----2-----|||-1-----1-----1-----1---0-||-2-----2-----2-----2---0-|||-2-----2-----2-----2---0-||-2-----2-----2-----2---0-|||-2-----2-----2-----2-----||-0-----0-----0-----0-----|||-0-----0-----0-----0-----||-------------------------||
E A E Well I got troubles, troubles on my mind A E Yes, when I got those troubles, troubles on my mind B7 A E Well, I'm gonna forget my troubles, leave my troubles behind, B7 behind E A I'm gonna swing it up E A Swing down, E Grab my baby, and wind, wind, wind, A E well, swing your troubles, swing your troubles away B7 A E Well, swing, baby, swing your troubles today
[heres the breakdown at the end] A E A E : . . . : . . . : . . .|-------------------------|-------------------------|----------------------||-----------------0-2---0-|-----------------0-2---0-|----------------------||-----------------0-2---0-|-1---------------0-2---0-|-1--------------------||-----------------0-2---0-|-2---------------0-2---0-|-2--------------------||-------------------------|-2-----------------------|-2--------------------||-------------------------|-------------------------|----------------------| swing it up swing it down grab the baby . . .
[then just fade out with the E heavy strumming thats as much of the recording that exists]
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