Bob Evans - Great Unknown tab

Bob Evans - The Great Unknown

This is just one of many great songs on Bob Evans' new album.
Kinda like something from The Beatles White album.
Should be easy enough to pick up rythm and subtleties by
listening to the song. Any corrections welcome.


Tabbed by Adam Diggens 9/7/2006

Standard tuning, Capo 2nd Fret

Guide to tab:
Lower-case notes in brackets refer to base notes


Slide down to Am7, then same fingering slide up 2 frets
E----------------------------|B-------1-1-- 1-1~3-3-3------|G-------0-0---0-0~0-0-0------|D-----2-----2-- 2~4----4-----|A--0-------------------------|E----------------------------|
First Verse ___________ C Em Tonight I wish I was the moon that always knows just what to do Am Am7(g) Am7(f#) hammer on f# 'Cos everything's the same old song G D(f#) Em D Am D D7 Wandering round a sleeping earth, the whole night long, whoah Second verse ____________ Wandering past the mirrors gazing, they're saying I ain't shaved for days So just what the hell have you been up to? Haven't you a place to be, someone who needs you? whoah Chorus ______ Bm Em Am D Hold me now, promise you won't let me go Bm Em Am D Through the memories and beyond the great unknown Bm Em Am D Hold me now, promise you won't let me go Bm Em Am D D7 Cos' I just can't stand the thought of losing you, losing you Third verse ____________ Trying to get lost in the night, I'm sure not by those damn street lights As if under interrogation Seems everyone's looking for an explaination, whoah Fourth verse ____________ I walk into an Easy Plus, the guy behind the counter says (sus) I haven't done anything wrong Just haven't known what to look for in so long, whoah Chorus ______ Outro _____ C G (hammer 2nd fret on the A string) I guess I'm stuck in the rain again C G Guess I'm stuck in the rain C G I guess I'm stuck in the rain again C C(b) Guess I'm stuck in Am7 Am7 and slide up 2 frets G the rain Finish ______
strumE--3-------------0--0---|B--3-------------3--1---|G--0-------------0--0---| repeat x3D--0-------------4--2---|A--2---------0h2-5--3---|E--3--------------------|
Repeat Intro and finish on G chord :-)
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