Bob Marley - Cry To Me Acoustic chords

The outro is the intro of I'm Hurting Inside - Acoustic!

Capo 1

G AmCry to me!
G C Cry to me!
G CCry to me!
G CYou're gonna walk back through the heartaches
G C walk back through the pain
G C shed those lonely teardrops
G CThe reaction of your cheating game
Lord knows how I get from the heartaches Lord that leadeth me yeah! And now I'm by the still water You've got to crawl to me yeah! Cry to me Cry to me Walk back through the heartaches Walk back through the pain Shed those lonely teardrops Reaction of your cheating game Cry to me Cry to me Outro (bar chords, intro to I'm Hurting inside - Acoustic): Am G F F G Am
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