Bob Marley - Johnny Was tab version 2

Bob Marley  Johnny Was
Tabbed By: Tommy Nelson
Standard Tuning

These fills are mostly improvisions out of the A Major scale.  Because they will likley 
vary everytime you play it, I left out hammer-on notations, etc.

Fill 1 Fill 2e----------------------------------------12-10-9-10-9-10-9-10---------------|B-----------2-0----------------------------------------------10-12----------|G---------------2-----------------------------------------------------------|D-----------------4---------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--0-2-0-2------------------------------------------------------------------|
Fill 3 Fill 4e-------19-17-16-17-16-17-16-17------------------------9-12-10-9-10-9----9--|B-------------------------------17-19-----------7-9-10----------------12----|G---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Fill 5 Fill 6e-----------------------------------12-10-9---------------------------------|B---10-12-12-10----10----------------------10-12----------------------------|G---------------13----------------------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro F#m E C#m F#m F#m E F#m [Fill 1 2x] Verse 1 F#m [Fill 2] Woman hold her head and cry D C#m E D C#m Cause her son had been shot down in the street and died, from a stray F#m [Fill 1] bullett F#m [Fill 3] Woman hold her head and cry, D C#m E D C#m F#m [Fill 1] Explaining to her was a passerby who saw the woman cry (wondering) F#m [Fill 4] How can she work it out D C#m E D C#m F#m7 [Fill 1] Now she knows that the wages of sin is death, oh gift of Jah is life (life) (she cried) Chorus 1 A Bm C#m Bm A Bm C#m Bm Oh, oh, I know, Johnny was a good man, I know A Bm C#m Bm Johnny was a good, good, good, good, good, A Bm C#m Bm F#m [Fill 1 4x] She cried, she cried Verse 2 F#m [Fill 5] Woman hold her head and cry D C#m E D C#m cause her son had been shot down in the street and died, just because of F#m [Fill 1] the system F#m [Fill 6] Woman hold her head and cry D C#m E D C#m F#m Comforting her, I was passing by, she complained, then she cried (cried) Chorus 2 A Bm C#m Bm (ah-ah), yeah, I know now (ah-ah) no I know, I know now (Johnny was a good man) Said I know, mmmmmmmm (Never did a thing wrong) Ah, ah, uh, uh (Johnny was a good man) Can a woman tender care, she cried (Never did a thing wrong) Cease towards the child she bear (Johnny was a good man) Woah! Woman cry, woman (Never did a thing wrong) She cried, woah, she cried, yeah (Johnny was a good man) Can a woman tender care Cease towards the child she bear (Never did a thing wrong) Woman cry! (Johnny was a good man)
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