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Bob Marley – Chances Are tab

Bob Marley
Chances are

Standard tuning
Cappo on 1

Main Riff (1): C Em F G7e-----------------------------------------------------------1---------------|G---------------5-------------0--------------1------------0---0-------------|B-------------5---5---------0---0----------2---2--------0-------0-----------|D-----------5-------5-----2-------2------3-------3--------------------------|A------2--3-------------2---------------------------------------------------|E--3-5---------------------------------1--------------3---------------------|
Riff 2- Aminor Aminor F Ge--------0-----------------------------1------------------------------------|G------1---1---------1---------------1---1--------------0-------------------|B----2-------2-----2---------------2-------2----------0---0-----------------|D---------------------0h2--0------------------------0-------0---------------|A--0-------------0-----------3----------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------1----------------3-------------------------|
LYRICS Riff 1 (*4) Chances are, we're gonna leave now Sorry for, the victim now Riff 2 (*1) Though my days are full with sorrow Riff 1(*1) I see years of pride tommorow Riff 1 Chance, chances are some might not hold out Chances are, hang on right now Riff 2 Though oh oh oh my days, are filled with sorrow Riff 1 I see years of bright to tommorrow Riff 1 Chances chances are, some might not hold out Chances are, hang at right now Riff 2 Chances are, Oh chances your my chances Riff1 Chances are , hang on right now Riff 1 Chances are Chances are Hang out right now Deal with lonliness, Ill take some tear drops Chances are, we'll have to win Chances are, hang on right now (repeat to fade) END "one good thing about music, when it hits ya ya feel no pain" Long live the king of reggae and smoking reefers any comments abuse or date requests to
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