Bob Schneider - Captain Kirk chords

Capo 2

G - C - D - G

(G)I wanna be like (C)Captain Kirk
(D)Get up every day and love (G)to go to work
(G)Don't want to be like (C)Mr. Spock
(D)Want to kick out the jams and (G)rock the block

(C)I just want to feel good
and (D)I don't want to hurt no(Em)body
(C)I just want to get a good (D)time out of my life

All chords are the same from here on out;

Verse 2: 
I want to be like Cassius Clay
I want to change my name and go all the way
I want to be like Marylin Monroe
be loved by everybody that I know


Verse 3:  
I want to be like Jesus Christ
Keep the party moving giving good advice
I dont need to be no superman
I just want to do the best I can

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