Bob Schneider - Til Someone Catches A Feelin chords

Intro:  E

EI want to go back to the way it used to be
Abefore the bad guys came out of the trees
and pulled the sky down on top of the dark
E"brown stick yourself back of my heart"
only want to be that hero saving you from the damned
Bcar bomb my mom is in Afganistan
i don't want to be damned i wanna be tanned i wanna be a real man
Ei wanna take you out on the town
Aand give you some good times to throw around
in your head when you're old got no friends
Emake the good times never end
so help your hand grenades keep your pins in your pockets
Bopen you up fill you up with rockets
so you can go anywhere you like any old time
E"the way the rings surround the jearsy shore"
A"could fill you up with food ever more"
i lift you up without lettin you down
Ekeep all your dreams from turning brown
and all the birds they keep lifiing you up and then into the air
Band into the thin space between the here and now
oh i
Ei can't stop hitting myself over the head
Ai do my best to keep up with the dead
i don't why everybody is in my high oh i feel like flying
Etrying to put the bats back in the dark
A"black of my heart i'm made out of jam"
Bit's all good till someone catches a feeling
Eand i'm feeling again
Ela la la la
Ala la la la la la
Ela la la la la la
Bla la la la la la
Ela la la la la la
Ala la la la la la
Ela la la la la la
Bla la la la la la
Ela la la la
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