Bob Schneider – The King Of The World tab

ARTIST: Bob Schneider
  SONG: "The King Of The World"
 ALBUM: "Lonelyland" (Texas Limited Edition)

*Transcribed by Connor Roberts (e-Mail:

~ Standard Tuning
~ Capo on 2nd Fret
~ Timing 2/4

~(#) = optional note if you can fit it in within the beat
~#h# = play note by just "hammering" down with finger while last note is still sounding
~#p# = play first note, then "pull" finger off for second note

CHORDS: (In relation to the capo)

Am F C Ge--0-- --1-- --0-- --3--B--1-- --1-- --1-- --0--G--2-- --2-- --0-- --0--D--2-- --3-- --2-- --0--A--0-- --0-- --3-- --2--E--0-- --0-- --0-- --3--
Intro: (Played 4 times, with bass guitar after first 2 times) Am F C Ge-------0-------|--0h1--|-------0-------|--------3----------||B--0h1-----1p0--|-------|--0h1-----1p0--|-----------0-------||G--0h2----------|-------|--0---------0--|-----0--------(0)--||D---------------|--0h3--|---------------|-------------------||A--0------------|-------|--0h3----------|-------------------||E---------------|-------|---------------|--3----------------||
VERSES: Am F C G Jimmy said it's not easy being the king of the world Am F C G Gets harder every day.... CHORUS: F C I ain't going home tonight Am G So don't wait up for me...
BRIDGE: (just plucking with fingers) Am Am F F C C G Ge---------|--1--1--|--------|--------||B---1--1--|--1--1--|--1--1--|--0--0--||G---2--2--|--------|--0--0--|--0--0--||D---------|--3--3--|--------|--------||A---0--0--|--------|--3--3--|--------||E---------|--------|--------|--3--3--||
OUTRO: (off and on near the end, picking and strumming) Am F C Ge--0--3-----1--3-----0--3-----3--3-----||B--1-----0--1-----0--1-----0--0-----0--||G--2--------2--------0--------0--------||D--2--------3--------2--------0--------||A--0--------0--------3--------2--------||E--0--------0--------0--------3--------||
***NOTES*** 1. On this song, whenever there is a hammer to do, put down the normal fingering for the entire chord, even though you wont play some of the strings you put your fingers down for. If you don't do this, then you may hear some notes you don't want to hear riniging off of the strings you are'nt using. 2. Both the Verses and the Chorus always have the same note progression respectively, just different picking and strumming patterns throughout the song.
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