Bob Schneider – God Is My Friend tab

 TITLE: "God Is My Friend"
ARTIST: Bob Schneider
 ALBUM: I'm Good Now
Transcribed by Connor Roberts


CHORUDS USED: (Relative To Capo) C Am F Ge--0-- --0-- --1-- --3--B--1-- --1-- --1-- --0--G--0-- --2-- --2-- --0--D--2-- --2-- --3-- --0--A--3-- --0-- --0-- --2--E--0-- --0-- --0-- --3--
--- ORDER: Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Verse 3, Chorus, Verse 4 --- VERSE 1: C Am F C I can see God on a cloud in the sky C Am F C On top of the world watching the world roll by C Am F C With a great big grin and some good cocaine C Am F C Jesus by His side in the pouring rain ---- CHORUS: C F G C Cause I can believe in the inbetween C F G C What can't be said and only seen C F G C When you close your eyes and open your heart C F G C And everything you know just falls apart ---- VERSE 2: C Am F C I can see God in Italian shoes C Am F C With a beard and a gun and a case of the blues C Am F C Smoking a cigarette and drinking Coors Light C Am F C With teeth so white they light up the night ---- VERSE 3: C Am F C I can see God on a big white bed C Am F C Too much time on His hands too much stuff in His head C Am F C Hanging out doing whatever come 'round C Am F C Hanging out and getting down ---- VERSE 4: C F G C And I can believe what can't be known for sure C F G C The things that might be the things that never were C F G C And still not know a thing in the end C F G C And still believe that God is my friend (x3)
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