Bob Seger - The Long Goodbye chords version 1

A beautiful song by Bob Seger from his Face the Promise CD.
It's generally simple, listen to the song to hear the chord changes and the solo is 
approximate, it's pretty close.

(Capo 1)

C-Em-Am-EmThe silent fall of evening snow
C-Em-Am-EmAnother thing you can't control
C-Em-Am-C-D-DDoes it chill or warm you soul tonight
C-Em-Am-EmYou've become a mystery
C-Em-Am-EmWill I earn your honesty
C-Em-Am-CI'll never know if we agree
D-D-C-CIf you're not here
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F-C-AmAnd we travel separate roads
F-C-AmAnd we carry different loads
F-C-Am-CAnd in the end we stay or go
Solo: (something along the lines of this)E--------8-9v-------8h9h8---8--11-8-9-------|B--8h9h8------------------9-----------9-8-6-|G-------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------|
C-Em-Am-EmThe long goodbye continues on
C-Em-Am-EmThrough fog and rain and far beyond
C-Em-Am-Em-C-D-DYou stay awhile and then you're gone again
C-Em-Am-EmI look into your restless eyes
C-Em-Am-EmYou turn away it's no surprise
C-Em-Am-Em-C-D-DI wonder if it's even wise but I'm still here
C-Em C-Em- C-Em- C-Em
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