Bob Seger – In Your Time chords

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In Your Time chords
Bob Seger *


G C DIn your time
GThe innocence will fall away
G C DIn your time
EmThe mission bells will toll
Em D CAll a long
GThe corridors and river beds
G C DThere ll be signs
D C GIn your time
G C DTowering waves
GWill crash across your southern capes
G C DMassive storms
EmWill reach your eastern shores
Em D CFields of green
GWill tumble through your summer days
G C DBy de sign
D C GIn your time
G D EmFeel the wind
G CAnd set yourself the bolder course
G D EmKeep your heart
G CAs open as a shrine
G DYou ll sail the perfect line
G C DAnd after all
GThe dead ends and the lessons learned
G C DAfter all
EmThe stars have turned to stone
Em D CThere ll be peace
GAcross the great unbroken void
A C DAll benign
D C GIn your time
G C DYou ll be fine
C GIn your time
* Alternate: Capo II A = G C = Bb D = C G = F Em = Dm Set8
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