Bob Seger – Like A Rock chords

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Like A Rock chords *
Bob Seger

G  C  G  C

GStood there boldly sweatin' in the sun
CFelt like a million, felt like number one
F CThe height of summer, I'd never felt that strong
GLike a rock.
GI was eighteen, didn't have a care
CWorkin' for peanuts, not a dime to spare
F CBut I was lean and solid everywhere
GLike a rock.
GMy hands were steady, my eyes were clear and bright
CMy walk had purpose, my steps were quick and light
F CAnd I held firm to what I felt was right
GLike a rock.
GLike a rock - I was strong as I could be
CLike a rock - nothin' ever got to me
F CLike a rock - I was something to see
GLike a rock.
EmAnd I stood arrow straight, unencumbered by the weight
GOf all these hustlers and their schemes
CI stood proud, I stood tall, high above it all
Am DI still believed in my dreams.
GTwenty years now, where'd they go
CTwenty years - I don't know
F C GI sit and I wonder sometimes where they've gone
G CAnd sometimes late at night - oh when I'm bathed in the firelight
F CThe moon comes callin' a ghostly white
GAnd I recall, I recall.
GLike a rock - standin' arrow straight
CLike a rock - chargin' from the gate
F CLike a rock - carryin' the weight
GLike a rock.
GLike a rock - the sun upon my skin
CLike a rock - hard against the wind
F CLike a rock - I see myself again
GLike a rock,
Oh, like a rock. * Alternate: Capo III G = E C = A F = D Em = C#m Am = F#m D = B Set8
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