Bob Seger – Night Moves chords ver. 3

This song is pretty easy. It's just chords really. Capo 1. Standard Tuning.

|G   F  C|
|C   F  G|x2

Verse 1:
I was a little too tall
G Could've used a few pounds
F GTight pants points hardly reknown
G F CShe was a black haired beauty with big dark eyes
C F GAnd points all her own sitting way up high
G F CWay up firm and high
C F GOut past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
G F COut in the back seat of my '60 Chevy
C Workin' on mysteries without any clues
Chorus: Workin' on our night moves
Em C DTrying' to make some front page drive in news
Em C DWorkin' on our night moves in the summertime
It just continues that same pattern throughout the song. You'll have to listen to the song though to figure out the strumming pattern and where to change chords. Here's the link to the song:
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